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Washington, here I come!

September 11, 2017

Getting ready for my trip to Washington, where I will spend five days with published writers and newbies such as myself, learning and sharing! Pretty excited as I move on to actually writing saleable articles. So much to learn, but it is all coming together. I may not have it all together yet, but oh, how far I have come since first the idea struck me! ¬†Just the dabbling I have been doing in writing has me encouraged. Having submitted my first article to the “Bowest’ner”, a local community newsletter, and having it received with praise, I feel very confident that I am on the right path. As far as I am concerned, there is one thing needful in the success of writing, and that is passion. Without it, you are just putting words on paper. You have to feel¬†what you write. Once the fundamentals are there, find something that you really love, or feel strongly about. Your message will come through. I have helped write articles before, and had them all accepted and published, but I was only helping someone else put the work together, and so cannot credit myself.

Just imagine, though, travelling around, seeking out subjects to write about, choosing the ones most important to oneself, how much better can life get? I will be on assignment in Washington and I have picked out a place to visit with an exhibit on which is very beloved by me. Stay tuned…..

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