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Washington, DC, the news capital.

September 26, 2017

While on assignment (I just like to say that because it makes me sound like a bona fide travel writer) in Washington, I visited the Newseum. Floors and floors of relevant news, historical events, displays  including a section of the Berlin Wall and the broadcasting antenna from the World Trade Center after 9/11, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalism, and changing exhibits are a sampling of what to expect when you visit. Unfortunately my time was limited, as I had to return to the workshop I was taking. I could have easily spent a full day there. If you have teenagers, there is enough to intrigue the most indifferent youth. With a general theme of rebellion and revolution, it is sure to pique their interest.








Washington Post Photojournalist, Carol Guzy, was onsite for a special event on photography, talking about her work and the stories behind some of her images. Journalists and photographers alike are honoured on a memorial wall for their courage in visiting some of the world’s most dangerous places, several of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could know the truth.

Civil rights is an issue that is very dear to me. Although it would take a whole day to explore this remarkable museum, there is food for thought to last a lifetime.

There are many museums in Washington, DC, but, in my humble opinion, Newseum should not be missed.

The National Geographic Museum was another stop I was determined to make, though time was limited. I did manage to briefly check out the “Sharks” exhibit. With the state of our oceans and the destruction of its creatures through various human practices, I find sharks to be a fascinating topic of study. Some of you may know that one of my heroes was a young man who gave his life in an attempt to save the sharks, and through that, save the humans.

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