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Tsuu T’ina Nation

July 31, 2017

On my return from Banff, where I was taking a photography course with Learn Photography Canada, I decided to stop at the Tsuu T’ina Nation Pow Wow in Bragg Creek. It was spectacular! I wandered around, practicing with my Nikon. I have always admired the First Nations people for their simplicity and wisdom. I appreciate their heritage and, after spending the afternoon at the Pow Wow, I realize it is crucial to the survival of the First Nations. The indigenous people I have known have been extremely humble and very generous. I encountered that same humility and generosity yesterday, from being invited by Chief Crowchild to partake in the free lunch he was serving to all the visitors, to the tiny tot who shared her bread stick with me. But what impressed me most was the dignity and pride displayed amongst the aboriginal people. Here, the people belonged. Here, the people were comfortable with one another. Here, they had respect.


Thank-you, Chief Crowchild, the council, the elders, the people, for allowing me to come among you and observe this very special gathering. Thank you for sharing your heritage, your prayers, your dedications, your dances and your music. I feel I am richer for it.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m so proud of you dear friend! I’ll have to “crash” your party once you get more settled. Happy trails! Love, Kathy XOXOXO

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