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January 9, 2018

I have decided that, after so many months of trying to prepare for my travel adventure, I am going to slow down. It has been anything but easy, cramming all this knowledge into my weary brain. I may have bitten off a bit more than I can actually manage. It all sounds wonderful in theory….travelling, blogging, floating around without a care in the world. Hah! I haven’t had an income since May and I still haven’t managed to snag a paid writing assignment. That particular care is beginning to loom large on the horizon. Of course, it’s hard to write when most of your time is consumed by driving and locating a place to stay for the night. And that is why I am here, in Lakeside, California for the next month. Learning to write saleable articles, take stock photos, build a decent website, master Spanish, navigate around North America and beyond while living in and maintaining an RV, with only my cat as co-pilot has finally caught up with me. I’m hoping to actually get some work done now that I am stationary.

Beep beep!

It seems as though I just get one thing fixed, when something else goes wrong. I know, I know, quit whining, that’s life. Yes it is, and I’m living a pretty darn good one at present. Who wouldn’t want to do what I am doing? Still, the adjustment to being a rolling stone is taking a bit longer than anticipated. But, when all is said and done, no matter what I learn from this, or where I end up, it will have been worth it. There will be no “what ifs” because I will have.

I think that when a person makes peace within their own heart, then circumstances don’t matter. I obviously haven’t done that yet. Or maybe none of us do until we are ready to leave this earth, and then we move on. But you will have to enlighten me on that as I have never asked anyone. Is anyone out there at peace? I will sit at your feet.

On my way from Barstow to L.A. I spent a few days boondocking in a place called Tustin. I parked outside the home of a lovely couple who offered me electricity, wifi and fresh avocados from their tree. “Boondockers Welcome”, folks, that is a priceless community. Every person I have met through that organization has been kind, generous and so very willing to help in any way they can. I also stayed in a lovely Walmart parking lot in Simi Valley for two days while waiting for repairs to my RV. Unfortunately that was a waste of time, as I didn’t manage to get them done. But, they will be done while I am here in Lakeside. Some Walmart parking lots “feel” better than others and I get pretty happy when I find one with good vibes. (I’d like to include some photos of the view from there, but now my laptop won’t read my SD card. Not sure what to do about that.) I also parked one night in a park in L.A. as it was really late and I couldn’t find anywhere else. I figured the worst that could happen would be the police coming along and requesting that I move. Well, after midnight, a car full of partiers stopped next to me and I had the privilege of listening to their music for about an hour. Then, at around 5:00 a.m. another car pulled up, and these folks were smoking something in a pipe. (I know because I very carefully peeked out the window while trying to pretend nobody was in the RV.) That made me just a little nervous. So once they left, about an hour later, I did, too. That’s about as sketchy as I want my encounters to be, in fact, not even that sketchy.

I’m still trying to find a place to park in Mexico. There are RV parks in San Felipe, but it does get kind of expensive staying in them, even in Mexico. There is one place I can boondock at, but it is quite far south, and I wouldn’t be able to drive there in a day. I’m also considering finding a place to house-sit. That way I could stay for free. So many things to consider.

I have submitted my third and fourth article, both of which are to be printed, but I still don’t know where the money is to be had. I have a thought, though and I’m going to get busy on that. Photography will have to wait until I figure out what is wrong with my laptop.

Nerah is very content here in the park and, I’m happy to discover that she is one of several cats in residence. She has even learned how to open the screen door, so she is free to come and go when I’m around. That is one smart little girl.

I rented a car while I am here as San Diego is just twenty minutes away, and I fully intend to visit some of my favourite spots while I am in the area. I certainly don’t want to drive this beast (sorry Arvey, and for those of you who haven’t read earlier posts, that is the name of my RV) as she is a real gas guzzler. Crazy that it will cost me less to rent a car than to drive my RV into San Diego. And then there is the parking! Haha, not gonna do that again! So far it has rained since I arrived, very unusual for this area, but much needed. This gives me time to work, otherwise I would be walking around soaking in the sun…….tomorrow.

  1. I think happiness is like the scent of flowers. – it’s all around but you have to take the time and bend down to appreciate it. Though a gust of wind can blow it away. One minute I can be blissfully happy appreciating the beauty of nature in my local park, the next something triggers past unhappiness and the clouds darken the horizon.

    May your horizon be more bright than dark.
    Love, Robert x

    1. Yes, I agree. It really takes some effort to keep the clouds away at times. And sometimes it’s really okay to feel sad. The trick is not letting the sadness block out the sun for too long. And I wish the same for you, brother. ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey Tina, I admire your courageous and adventurous spirit. I love reading your posts and the humour your incorporate. It makes your story so ‘human’ and true to life. We can’t enjoy the rainbow without the rain! Praying for safety during your travels, love Hannah

    1. Glad you are enjoying the blog. That’s the idea! Yes, there always has to be a few rough times to be able to appreciate the smooth ones. Right now my biggest thrill is having access to a hot shower! ?

  3. Love your writing Tina.
    As for peace (since you’re kind of asking) I think it’s like happiness. It’s never all or none but more whether or not you feel it a large percentage of the time. I think a person, if they are honest enough, will know if they are happy or feeling at peace enough of the time.

    1. Yes, I do believe you are right. I do think that most of us allow circumstances to dictate how we feel, instead of cleansing our being so that peace comes from a truer place. I still have a long way to go.

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