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The Story of The Haggis and Me

October 25, 2017

Presently in Scotland, I feel the need to validate the existence of the haggis. This elusive highland dweller can be spotted scurrying around the cliffs of northern Scotland, having adapted to this environment by the lengthening of his legs on the one side of his body. Covered in a shaggy type fur, the haggis can survive quite well in the harsh winters with brutally frigid winds. If you should be fortunate enough to spot one of these amazing creatures, consider yourself blessed, as many Scots have had no such luck. But please don’t hurt one. They are very rare, shy creatures who need our protection.


As I travel around Scotland, I feel a bit like a haggis, as I scamper here and there. From the Royal Mile in Edinburgh to Rosslyn, where Tom Hanks spent time on location while filming the movie, “The Da Vinci Code”. Scotland is saturated with historic architecture, but Rosslyn Chapel is exceptional, with its impressive stone masonry. Such skill and artistry is difficult to comprehend. The area around Rosslyn is quite beautiful and well worth exploring during a visit to the chapel.

Today I am off to visit the Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish Kings. Now if I could just run into Jamie Fraser, my journey would be complete!

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