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December 4, 2017

Finally! After days and days of rain, the sun is shining and the ocean is by my side.




I had a rough night locating a spot to park and, when I finally did (off to the side in some obscure neighbourhood in northern Oregon) I started having all these crazy thoughts, like, what if someone attacked my RV!? I mean, what would I do? Then I had to settle myself down and all was well again. It’s all a state of mind. I mean, we live in this world every day, and, for the most part, we do okay. So why the paranoia? Why do we like to think others are out to do us wrong? I don’t know. I’m just very grateful for the angels I have met and will continue to meet on my way. A long hot bath and clean clothes do wonders for an attitude change as well. I seem to be averaging three nights free parking before I pull into a motel and revel in the joys of a bathtub.

I enjoyed peeking out at the super moon from my spot in the woods last night.

Nerah had her first taste of the beach this morning before the sun was up. She sure is a good sport, putting up with me dragging her around in a motorhome, but she does love her vantage point on the dash.

I have also discovered that, when a motel/hotel states “pet-friendly”, that tends to mean “dog-friendly”.

I love the rugged coastline of Oregon. Listening to the thundering of the waves crashing into themselves and the rocks, the power is awe-inspiring. There is something so compelling about the sights and sounds of the ocean. To be so absorbed by the elements, to feel them on your skin, in your hair, to smell and taste them, that, to me, is God.

  1. I have wonderful memories of the Oregon coast with Craig in 1992. Amazing golden sunsets, sea spray misting the coastline, vast stretches of unspoilt beaches with hardly a soul in sight. We stumbled upon a mansion with stunning views over the ocean, where we were given a bridal suite! (We were only looking for bed & breakfast.) Oh to be young, in love and surrounded by untarnished nature.

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