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Shorelife in La Jolla

January 25, 2018

La Jolla is my favourite spot to visit while in San Diego. Teeming with all manner of shore birds, La Jolla Shores never disappoints. Even in the middle of winter (can we even call it winter?) there is an abundance of wildlife.

Marbled Godwit

I spent at least half an hour trying to capture a Marbled Godwit catching his dinner, but he was just too quick. Over by the pier surfers were taking advantage of the waves. Royal and Elegant Terns frolicked in the ebb and flow of the tide or squawked at each other. Willets were dotted here and there stabbing at the sand once the tide rolled back.

Nag, nag, nag!

Driving over to La Jolla Cove,¬†where the caves are, I was pleasantly surprised to find Brandt’s Cormorants nesting on the cliffs and quite a few Brown Pelicans.

Brandt’s Cormorants
Brown Pelicans

Also, lounging on the rocks nearby were lots of California Sea Lions. I didn’t notice any seals. It was surprising to note the various sizes of sea lions, and all the different shades, just like us humans! I was also amazed at someone who intentionally placed his young children extremely close to a group of sea lions for a picture. (There are signs all over the place warning folks to keep their distance.) While the sea lions were fairly relaxed, a few of them were barking when being approached too closely. Have you ever seen their teeth? I got up quite close, but still respected their space, and I like to speak quietly to my animal subjects. I want them to know I mean no harm. I do this all the time and I really do believe we can transmit peace to all manner of creation.

California Sea Lion

Although it appears that I was really close to the handsome fella above, I was using my zoom lens. He wasn’t impressed. Tired of smiling for all the paparazzi.

If you ever find yourself in San Diego and are looking for something fun to do, solo or with family or friends, I recommend visiting La Jolla. There is something for everyone. And if you pack a picnic, you can easily spend the whole day without it hurting your wallet. If you are adventurous, take a kayaking tour on the ocean to the caves (I did that last year), or go snorkelling with the leopard sharks in the summer months. There are also lots of tide pools in the area. That’s on the agenda for the week-end.



  1. Wow, such amazing photographs Tina! Your descriptions of the area are very inviting!! Wish I could join you for a paddle. One day!! Take care and enjoy the journey.

  2. Beautiful shots. Must have taken a lot of patience. You certainly did your homework to identify all those creatures. Or did you already know all of that?

    1. Thanks, Allan, I could do that all day, everyday! I knew a few of the birds, had to look up the others. That willet was the funniest. Every time I got close he would run a few steps, kept his eye on me, so I gave up and settled for what he would allow.

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