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Remembering Rob….

March 3, 2017

Canadian activist and film maker, Rob Stewart, came into my life 6 years ago, when my youngest daughter, Hannah, introduced me to his film, “Sharkwater“. She was thirteen and had been impacted by his film so much that she changed her lifestyle and became vegan. She also began her life of activism by attending demonstrations and raising funds for various organizations including United Conservationists, Sea Shepherd, Humane Society International and Orangutan Outreach. This, all because of Rob.

Rob and Hannah in              Calgary, 2012.

If you met Rob, you would never be the same. He was so passionate about his work to save the sharks and our oceans. He was young, intelligent, knowledgable and so incredibly inspiring. We met him at a screening of “Sharkwater” in Calgary. I think every person in the room fell in love with him. How could you not? I have yet to meet someone who met him who was not profoundly changed. When he left us on January 31st 2017, he left a hole that will never be filled. He was an exceptional human being who literally changed the world in the short time he was with us. He de-vilified sharks and caused a dramatic change in mindset about these amazing creatures. Countries changed their policies concerning shark finning. The consumption of shark-fin soup dropped dramatically in China, where it has been part of the culture for many years. He inspired elementary school children to rise up and press their own governments for a ban on shark finning. Few people on this earth have had the ability to touch the hearts of such a wide demographic of people. Our consolation is that Rob died doing what he loved. He was swimming in the ocean, filming for his third movie “Sharkwater EXTINCTION“.

For those who wish to honour Rob’s life, any way you can contribute to the preservation of our oceans and the creatures in it, by educating yourself, educating others, sharing Rob’s movies or by making a donation of any amount for the completion of “Sharkwater EXTINCTION“, would be all he would have wished for.

To find out more about Rob’s work or to make a donation, click on the picture below.

Rest in Peace, Rob.
December 28, 1979 – c. January 31, 2017

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