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Rainy days and Mondays……

December 1, 2017

This has been my view since I left the blizzard behind in Alberta! Rain…..every…..single…..day! I am more than ready for some sunshine!

I paid a visit to my soap-maker friend on Gabriola Island yesterday to stock up. So I’m good for a few months. I walked on the ferry from Nanaimo to Gabriola because it is so cotton pickin’ expensive to take Arvey. Nerah stayed behind and guarded our house.

I’m taking the ferry from Victoria to Anacortes, Washington, because it’s way cheaper than ferrying back to Vancouver and crossing the border that way. I save on the ferry fee and gas. And I can sleep.

After being asked to leave the Walmart parking lot on Wednesday, I found a Save-On-Foods parking lot last night, and, do you know, there wasn’t a sign around prohibiting overnight parking. Woohoo! So I was surprised to be woken up at one o’clock in the morning by a banging at my door. When I opened up, a policeman asked if I had called him. Nope! He then asked to look inside to see if I was alone. I presented Nerah to him and away he went, only to return to ask if I knew such and such a person. Nope again. It took me a while to settle down after that. Ah, the joys of living in a movable home! I’m sure sunny days and sleepy nights are ahead……


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