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Photography 101

May 11, 2017

As I am about to embark on the trip of a lifetime……maybe the trip for the balance of my lifetime…..I am attempting to equip myself with some basic tools, as in, how to take a decent photo! If you talked to any of my offspring about my photography skills, they would probably groan and do some serious eye rolling. Can’t blame them. Nothing is spontaneous when I’m behind the lens. So…I signed up for lessons with a terrific outfit here in Calgary. Enter Learn Photography Canada. Thank-you, Jana, for not laughing at me when I had to run to Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canmore 20 minutes before my first class to buy a camera with a manual setting! Yes, I arrived in Canmore with a camera with only auto modes. Not surprised, are you, my darling children!

BUT, I am fully confident that I am going to have some pretty sweet skills when I am done. And if the folks at LPC can help me, there is hope for the most dismal would-be photographers out there!

Spring has sprung in Bowmont Park
Beautiful Canmore
An incredibly artsy pic from my first lesson, if I do say so myself!!


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