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On the road again……

April 10, 2018

Back to travelling every day or two. This can pose some difficulty when trying to access the internet and keep all electronics charged while searching for a safe place to stop where Nerah can escape the confines of Arvey. She has been exceptionally tolerant of life on the road, but she does have her moments. After spending a few hours in an obscure location catching up on sleep, I realized I wasn’t going to get any more that night. It was 3:30 am but I headed towards the L.A. freeway, thinking it would be fairly quiet. Wrong! Surely all those folks were not trying to avoid the early morning rush at that unearthly hour. Well, Nerah had clearly had enough of the constant motion over the past several days. She began walking over the dashboard, which she does from time to time, as her favourite resting spot is on the righthand side, complete with her comfy rug. This time, however, she wouldn’t settle down and continued to walk back and forth in from of the windshield, blocking my vision….on the freeway….in L.A…..! After several minutes of me pushing her away, yelling at her to stay away (sorry Nerah, this was necessary) and having her backtalk while I tried to keep in my lane, she eventually settled down. Poor girl. I think we reached an understanding that day because she has been very compliant ever since. Still, I do try to let her out as much as possible, even if it means I have to forgo hours of sleep while waiting for her to return. She deserves it.

Resting after a stressful day!

I parked in a shopping centre in San Luis Obispo for a couple of nights for the free wifi. Good thing there was a Best Buy there because on one of those nights I spilled the entire contents of my tea onto my MacBook. I did my best in following the liquid damage procedure to no avail. With much regret, I had to spring for a new laptop. This has definitely not been the cost-effective trip I had envisioned at the beginning of my journey. In fact, very little of this trek has been anything close to the movie  I had previewed in my brain. But it has all, every bit of it, been an extraordinary experience. I am now convinced, beyond a doubt, that I am meant to live in Carmel-by-the-Sea. (You will begin to see a theme developing here, as in such and such a place is where I am meant to live, depending on where I am at the moment.) Too bad I need several million dollars to make that happen! Anyone know of a wealthy person living in the area looking for a freeloader and cat as roomies?!


Trying to stick to the coast on my way through California is not always possible, as some portions are closed. The ruggedness, with the crashing surf, sheer drop-offs, haunting bird cries and abundant marine life is manna for my very being. I have driven past signs stating highway closure, knowing full well that I will have to turn back at some point, not caring in the slightest. To be privileged enough to stand overlooking the breathtaking scenery, inhaling the scent of the sea, is worth a few extra gallons of gas. The time is irrelevant. It isn’t wasted and it isn’t lost. It isn’t even…….


I was hoping to spend some time in Sequoia National Park, but I wasn’t able to secure a camping spot. (No I don’t want to dry camp, I want to be able to shower, at the very least!) Those ancient trees are something to behold, but that will have to be for another more organized trip. I also checked the weather there and, spoiled as I now am, thought it was too cold. Too cold!! Go ahead, my Canadian compadres, roll your eyes. I told you I am a bit of a princess and here it is. I keep checking the weather forecast for Canada and I really don’t want to go back there right now. I am very content with 20°C. Even 15°C is a little on the cool side. I will survive, but I won’t like it.

Just hangin’ out on a BMW

I’m stopping in at Los Altos tomorrow to visit some lovely people I met while attending the Paris photography workshop last October. And then I will be venturing into Lord of the Rings country, the Giant Redwoods. I’m hoping to stay there for a few days, soaking up the essence of my surroundings while letting Nerah explore and get her wild fix. We will then be heading for the border, with maybe one or two overnight stops. I am so very grateful for the furnace in my RV. It doesn’t take much for that small area to become toasty.

Hearst Castle. No way was I gonna spend $25 to see part of the castle up close! I’ll check out the elephant seals on the beach instead.

I have secured a place to stay for a couple of months in Calgary. My hope is to knuckle down on the writing and start to generate some income ( sure, Tina, whatever you say!) while selling the RV and finding something much more practical to travel in. Then I will be heading to Costa Rica, where I will be checking out the real estate and enjoying some time with my brother, who will be flying in from Scotland. I have another trip in mind for later on this year but I’ll keep mum on that for a little while.

Elephant seal having a yawn and stretch

I used to think that California was so cliché, and I suppose it is, but it really is one of the most magnificent natural areas I have ever visited, not usually too hot, with a vast variety of wildlife and a spectacular coastline, grand old forests, valleys so green you could imagine you are in Ireland, mountain ranges to hike in and even a few deserts. I prefer the coast, being part mermaid, but I also thrill in being surrounded by giant trees in the middle of a redwood forest. So, part mermaid, part elf.


  1. Enjoying your travelogue and can’t wait to join you in Costa Rica. I’ll pack my snorkelling gear and look forward to being a merman again. I’m getting my choir into South Pacific sailor gear for our lake cruiser performance on Lake Starnberg, near Munich, in 3 weeks – getting in the mood. Only a few months till we’re back in a tropical paradise. ?

  2. Great as always Tina …. I thought you’d be in Mexico longer though or make it a little further south ….?. Thought you might’ve decided a trek to Costa Rica via central America would be interesting ??

    You’ll love central America …. Guatemala was beautiful and full of beautiful people

    Colombia is another treasure hidden from alot of tourists still

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