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Mother and Child Reunion

February 7, 2018

Have been off the radar for  a little while. Too busy having mother/daughter moments with my daughter, Bethany. She spent a week with me in Lakeside, California and we were out and about most of the time. First stop was at “Plant Power Fast Food” in San Diego. They are 100% vegan! We ate our hearts out, “beef” and “chicken” burgers, “chicken” tenders, fries and root beer floats. Everything is non-GMO, they have gluten-free and raw choices, all their packaging is compostable, even their furniture is made from recycled or renewable resources. You may pay a little more for your food, but these folks need to be supported. And the food is so tasty!

The Wake & ‘Bacon’ Burger at “Plant Power” Vegan Fast Food in San Diego

Bethany and I both like to hike, but I have discovered that we are at slightly different physical levels. We decided to hike up “El Cajon” trail despite all the warnings stating how gruelling it is. The guides go as far as to tell you how much water you should take along and urge the hiker to turn back once half of that water has been consumed, regardless if whether the summit has been reached. I managed to drag myself, literally, up the first three miles before I had to give up. My cardio definitely needs some work! Bethany, on the other hand, was breathing as if she was sauntering along a city street. Poor girl, she had to keep waiting for me to catch up. So, I made the right call and left her to finish it alone, which she did in record time.

Bethany at the summit of El Cajon

I was consoled  by the fact that Bethany felt it was indeed a pretty tough hike. Honestly, though, if she hadn’t been with me, I would have turned back way before mile 3. But, looking at the steep incline still to come at the 3 mile marker convinced me not to go any farther. We both got a great work out that day. We took it easy the next day and visited the Point Loma tide pools. The low tide was really late in the day, but we saw some crabs, anemones, a fish and even watched an octopus stick out his/her arms several times, but I didn’t manage to get a decent picture. We couldn’t see his whole body, or even if there was just one, but a little fella familiar with the area said there were three octopodes under the rock shelf.

Sea Anemone at Point Loma Tide Pools

One day we wandered around the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, watching the surfers. We also hung around the pool at the RV park because it was so hot in Lakeside. We tested the waters at Mission Beach, but I didn’t have the nerve to go all the way in. It is winter, after all! Bethany, ever brave, embraced the opportunity to swim in the ocean. I guess if I knew I was heading back to frigid Canada in a few days, I may have as well, but I knew I was just heading south. Still time to swim in the ocean.

Pacific Beach Pier

The last full day we had together was spent at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. It was actually a bit chilly, SoCal speaking. So, after an hour or so of watching the surfers, (one even did a handstand on his board while riding the wave!) we found a vegan restaurant in which to have lunch, and headed back to Lakeside. I managed to take a few photos of the wildlife at the beach before we left.

California Ground Squirrel at Moonlight Beach
Seagull at Moonlight Beach

There were lots of pelicans flying overhead, but always when I had put my camera away. Hanging out at beaches with your camera tends to cause a few problems if you aren’t careful, which I wasn’t at first. Now I try very hard not to get sand and dirt on my lenses or, worse still, inside the camera! So, this was the one lowly photo I managed to snap.

Brown Pelican in flight

Another problem I ran into while Bethany was visiting was trying to keep Nerah inside the RV while we were out and about. She did not appreciate that. One evening we came back to find a poor, terrified lizard missing his tail, in the RV. Many lizards drop their tails when caught by them. I know this from my childhood in Africa. How he got in, I don’t know, but I took him outside and tried to nudge him off of the bag he was clinging to. He really didn’t want to go. I eventually managed to remove him and put him in the bushes. Hopefully he recovered from his fright. He wasn’t there when I next checked.

Poor terrified lizard

There were days when we just left the RV door open, with the screen door closed. Nerah can open that door, so she had the privilege of coming and going at her leisure. I know that sounds really risky, but the park was so peaceful and well monitored that I didn’t feel any danger of leaving the RV unlocked and unattended. After all, who is to know if someone is inside or not? I wouldn’t do that everywhere and I didn’t do it all the time, but it was nice for Nerah to be able to roam around the park. Everybody loved her and she liked to make her rounds. On other days I would have to leave the fan or air conditioning on for her because it became brutally hot inside the RV without it.

So that was our time together in San Diego. I was sorry to see Bethany go. We spent a lot of time talking, drinking tea and watching Netflix at night. It was so cozy and comfortable. I am now in Mexico. More on that next time…..

Statue of Jesus near Rosarito, B.C. Mexico



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