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Let it snow…….but not on me!

November 4, 2017

It’s here! And I’m not happy, but I’m such a procrastinator these days, this is what it takes to get me leaving my family behind and FINALLY heading south! My trip was supposed to happen in July, but then I signed up for the Travel Writer’s Workshop in Washington and the Photography Workshop in Paris. Now I have so much material that I could actually stay in Calgary for months and write and edit. But…..Arvey (say it with a French accent) does not like the cold. She was fine as long as it was less than 10°C below zero. After that, she decided it was too cold for her plumbing and internal heating system. Besides, I loathe winter. Sooo…….I will be setting off in a week. Nerah has all her paperwork in order and I just have to sort out my “stuff”. Which stuff do I really need and what can I leave behind? Most of what I packed for Europe I didn’t need. I have discovered that 4 complete outfits is all that is necessary, so back to downsizing my wardrobe.

I have a new litter system for Nerah, which, wonderful kitty that she is, adapted to immediately. We love it! No more litter all over the floor, the seats, my bed. It is the Tidy Cats Breeze System, and it works! I am thrilled with it. I did have to order it from the U.S., but it arrived in two days and has been a life changing product. No longer do I have to spend the first half hour of my day sweeping up litter.

I will be driving through B.C. and will visit family in Grand Forks and Vancouver, (no more parking in downtown Vancouver!!) before turning south. I expect I will be crossing the border in a few weeks. So looking forward to seeing the ocean again. I may be a Taurean, but the pull of the ocean is very strong, so strong I can’t imagine settling anywhere else.

  1. looks beautiful! that’s one thing I miss in the UK now! the snow days! sledging down the hill and seeing who can make it to the brook at the bottom! happy days

    1. The snow is fun when it’s fresh and the temperature isn’t too cold. My favourite is walking at night when the big, fluffy snowflakes are falling. Everything is so soft and quiet and clean. ?

  2. Bon voyage, Tina. Wish I was heading south too – only 3 months till I’m back in the Canaries. In the meantime lots of singing and Christmas to get me through. xx

    1. I really needed the snow to get me moving, but I’m getting pretty excited now! I plan on leaving on Monday. So much to do until then, but I’m having fun preparing! And, before you know it, you will be in the Canaries! A couple hundred Canada geese just flew overhead! They have the right idea!

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