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Island Hopping! (Part1)

September 7, 2017

Decided to visit a few of the Gulf Islands while I was out that way. The first was Salt Spring Island, which was just what I needed after a harrying day in Vancouver. NEVER try to park an RV in downtown Vancouver. I’ll be paying for that mistake for years to come! A new mirror for my RV and a paint job for the BMW I caressed as I backed out of my spot will take care of the physical damage, but we all know how insurance companies work! I even considered trading Arvey ( say it with a French accent) for something smaller, but no, I love her too much. She is my home!

Salt Spring Island, what can I say? I was enchanted! Driving through the trees on the winding roads with sun and sea peeking through…pure joy! Road-side produce stands abounded, the honour system in place. Ruckle Provincial Park, where you can camp with the ocean at your doorstep, or should I say tent flap, has a lovely hike, where you can learn about the Ruckle family, who so generously donated their land to the province, and visit some of the original farm buildings.


I could happily live in a place such as this! Think of it, a cosy, rustic cottage with a garden plot, not too far from the ocean, a kitchen big enough to make vegan baked goods, preserves and soups to be sold from my road-side stand. Sounds like a little bit of heaven……. Well maybe in a few years, too much in this world I want to see first!



  1. Salt Spring Island rings a bell in my tiny mind. I’m pretty sure that was the one Craig and I visited on our North American odyssey in 1992 – quarter of a century ago. I’m sure it’s still as beautiful.

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