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Island Hopping (Part 3)

November 27, 2017

It has been a while since I blogged about my trip to the coast, but as I’m back here, resting and recovering, it lightens my heart to recall time spent on Gabriola Island, hosted by a co-worker from the Calgary Public Library. Had I not known Margot, I would not have visited the island, but she makes this fantastic soap that makes my skin feel so fresh and clean, I just had to go there and get some.


Strolling through the forest while listening to the ocean, feeling the caress of the breeze and inhaling the woodsy scent all around is balm for the soul.  This island is meant to be walked, with the coastal hikes and the petroglyphs along the way. You may even come across piles of discarded shells from where the First Nations people feasted many years ago. Whispers of bygone days swirl around as you walk the trails. There are several hikes around the island, all are relatively easy. I especially enjoyed the one Margot took us on one morning. She had a friend visiting from Winnipeg and so the three of us wandered down to “Margot’s spot” to do yoga on the beach. (Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself! Am I really living this life?)

The inhabitants of Gabriola Island are mostly artisans who, like my hosts, live off the land and practice their crafts. As you drive the roads you will notice flags flying at the entrance to many properties, A yellow flag indicates an artist’s residence and a green flag denotes a grower. As long as you see a flag hanging out, you are welcome to enter and browse.

I can still taste the delectable spelt crust pizza Margot’s husband, Rick, made. It was probably the best pizza I have ever had!

Thank-you, Margot, for sharing your time and your way of living with me. You amaze me!


P.S. Margot makes fantastic soap. Since buying some when we worked together, I have never used anything else. Check out Margot’s website at https://washrinserepeatdot.wordpress.com/

  1. Well, what an adventure you are having. I know that there are good people out there, and am totally in awe of you little sister. I never knew you had such eloquent vocabulary. Love Sue.

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