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Fun with Macro!

January 20, 2018

So….I got my new macro lens yesterday and I just had to try it out. So much fun! I obviously have a lot to learn and I will need to find a spot with more bugs. The only ones in the Desert Garden at Balboa Park were a few wasps and flies. It was a cloudy day as well, but I intend to go back and find the Japanese Friendship  Garden, the Botanical Building and the Zoro Garden with the butterflies.

I think I could become a decent photographer and manage to sell my photos on a stock site. I really do love trying to capture the beauty that surrounds me. I have entered some photos in a Black and White contest. I’m sure I won’t place because there are some incredible photographers who have entered their work, but some are just as amateur as I am.

Since the start of my widowhood I have been scrambling to discover what I am actually good at, something that I can make a living at. Most people, by the time they reach mid-fifties, have already had many years in their field of work. I had, too, but mine was being a mom to my large family, and that just didn’t cut it. I know I can write, but making a living at it will take some time, and I’m getting short on that. I am encouraged when I look at stock sites and see the wide range of categories I can contribute to. And with a bit more dedication in learning how to use the settings on my cheap Nikon, I’m sure I will be able to come up with some saleable images.

While I was in the city centre I decided to visit Old Town San Diego. I bought a ticket to a play in the old theatre there. It is loosely based on the life of Katherine Parr, the woman who managed to keep her head, literally, while married to Henry VIII. It is unsurprisingly called “The Last Wife”. The theatre has always thrilled me. The first play I was privileged to attend was “Hamlet”. I was a child, but I was captivated. There is just something so magical, so enthralling about live theatre. If you live in Alberta, I highly recommend “The Canadian Badlands Passion Play”, which is performed every summer just outside Drumheller. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy it. The open air setting is absolutely perfect, with the desert and rocks of the badlands surrounding you.  And, if you are in London, England, once you have taken in the Tower, Big Ben and London Bridge, you really should try to get to the west end for “Les Misérables”.  I can’t decide which one is my favourite of the two. I’ll give you my review of “The Last Wife” once I have seen it.



  1. Tina
    I think your work is AWESOME especially being you just started …. One word of advice … Cut the self critism on your own blog 😜 …

  2. loved all the flowers, Tina, especially that exquisite purple orchid (?). Looking forward to all the tropical flowers in the Canaries next week.
    Love, Robert

    1. Thanks, Robert! I have no idea what that purple flower was. I just came across a bush on the side of the road with these beautiful little flowers on it. Enjoy the warmth of the tropics!.

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