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Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

March 19, 2018

I had this dream last night, one that I have had many times before, but never to completion. In the previous dreams I would be travelling somewhere in the mountains or hills, where I would come very close to the edge of the path or road, but never go over. Last night I went over. And I survived. Not only was I uninjured, but I got to my destination a lot faster than if I had played it safe and stayed on the path. So, this is my interpretation. I may be falling all over the place without a clue as to what I am actually doing. I may have terrific days where I am out and about, taking pictures and experiencing the culture, people and landscape of where I am. And, I may have some days where I can’t get out of bed. It’s all good. If I try to keep on the path and chide myself for falling off I am hindering my journey, and my healing. For those of you new to my blog, my husband ended his life in 2013 and I spent the following four years trying to be strong for my children. It has only been in the last year that I have turned my sights inward and it has been debilitating at times. I keep pressing on, to where I don’t know, but I believe God (or whatever your name is for that greater being) is holding me close. That’s all I have.

Spectacular landscape in Baja California

My son, Matthew, stayed with me here, in Ensenada, for two weeks. It was wonderful to have someone to converse with. My Spanish is still comprised of words instead of sentences. And the people speak way too fast for me to understand. I do pick up on the gist of the conversation, but I really need to practice.

Matthew photographing the port in Ensenada

It amused me to see how the tables have turned. Matthew, when he lived at home, rarely made it anywhere on time because I could never get him out of bed. And he was pretty messy. Now, however, Matthew was up at the crack of dawn, while I dragged myself out of bed around 9.00 am or even 10.00 am. And it was me who left things lying around, while Matthew kept things organised. (You should see his condo, he even has the carving knives organised in the drawer!) Just so long as I don’t regress much more than this, I’m okay with it.

Playing with the children

Matthew celebrated his thirtieth birthday while he was here, and decided the best gift would be to help the child street vendors. Some of them are as young as four. It is really heartbreaking. So, with the help of a tour operator, he was able to contact someone who could supply the food. The little children came with their families to eat hot dogs and tacos. No judgement here, please, most of the Mexican people aren’t vegan. One thing at a time. These people are barely surviving, so it was wonderful to see the happy faces of the children. One little fella stood out because he ran around, played football and ate, all without letting go of his wares. What a little sweetheart.

Street vendor and sister
Chasing the ball, merchandise in hand!

I went to the bank yesterday to withdraw money to pay for my stay in San Felipe this week. I have to pay in U.S. dollars and some banks give the option of US dollars or pesos. The one I went to didn’t, so I walked to another one. Once I got there I couldn’t find my bank card. I sat down on the curb and searched every compartment of my tiny purse, twice. I then backtracked to the first bank. Nada. Back to the second bank, another check through my purse, still nothing. So I figured I should probably get back to the apartment and call my bank in Canada to cancel my card. Once in the apartment, I searched one last time, just in case and voilà, there it was, sandwiched between two bank notes. I swear I checked them. How does that happen? It isn’t the first time!

Children of Ensenada

The remainder of this week will be getting organized for my stay in San Felipe. I am looking at a few properties while I am there. I’m also hoping to meet some expats in the community. I have seen a few places I am interested in. The one I really would like is close to the beach, has two bedrooms (one for company) and…….. a bathtub!! That is a rarity in homes south of the U.S. border. Of course, it is out of my price range, but maybe when I sell my RV I will be able to afford it. Oh, did I tell you I’m selling Arvey? She costs too much to drive, so once I am back in Canada, at the end of April, I plan on selling her and finding something a bit more practical.

Nerah on the RV dashboard, not impressed!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, that won’t be the end of my travels. I will be returning to Mexico and hopefully beyond.

  1. Omg Tina love reading about your travels and actually relating to the panic of losing that small piece of plastic that is the “glue” in our world, they need a panic button on the strip lol. We are planning on hitting the highway when Brian’s done working and 1st adventure will be going down the pacific coast and Baja for our 1st winter. Our friends that are “cruising “along with us are definitely purchasing a motor home similar to what you have and we are torn between that or a trailer as we know what gas mileage to expect from our vehicle. When you crossed the border in Tijuana was there any special paper work that was needed? Lol I am the organizer of this party and hate any surprises that will slow me down or even stop the adventure. My natural instinct of curiosity and how the rest of the world works and thinks makes me want to ask you a ton more questions but instead I will just enjoy the musings of a pilgrim ❤️Enjoy your journey and I look forward to hear more, and many thanks to our dear friend in Red Deer for sharing xoxoxox

    1. Lori! So glad you are enjoying my ramblings. If you have any pets, you will need a valid rabies certificate, which they may or may not request to see. And for yourselves, all you will need (at this point in time) is a valid passport and an FMM card. The FMM card, or Mexican Tourist Card, can be purchased online or at the border and is valid for 180 days. Here is a link to more information on that: https://www.bajabound.com/before/permits/visa.php. You will also need Mexican vehicle insurance. Your Canadian insurance won’t work in Mexico. You can buy that here: https://www.bajabound.com/buy/?view=start. Please feel free to ask me anything at all. If I know, I will be happy to share. ☺️

  2. Really enjoyed reading this blog (and the others of course) because of your openness and honesty. You’re not sugar coating anything. People need to hear this stuff too. If one just reads all the positive stuff you think your life is a pile of crap compared to everyone else.
    Didn’t know you were planning on selling Arvey. Sounds like a good move. I guess that obviously means you are driving back up to Canada.
    I have ‘lost’ many things only to find them on the 3rd or 4th look. I think one gets panicky and cannot only not think straight but can’t see straight lol. It happens to all of us! Glad you found it though.
    Keep on plugging! You have lots of admirers!

    1. Thanks so much for that. I think we live in a world where, particularly online, everything is presented as wonderful all the time, but that’s not real life. I’m happy to know that folks are enjoying the read. And, yes, I’m heading back to Canada……slowly. But I will be on the road again before the first snowfall!

  3. Tina,
    Wow. Thank you for sharing. As a youth, we never had this window into your life, or thoughts. Your tales Of travel and life are important, and it is moving to me that you share your introspections regarding your experiences. My heart is moved with empathy and compassion for you. Safe travels.

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