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Calgary Stampede

July 10, 2017


Once upon a time I, as so many others do, partook in the festivities surrounding the world famous Calgary Stampede. This is something that puts Calgary on the map. I never gave it much thought one way or another. I never did attend any of the rodeo events. To me, it was all about the midway rides and the mini-donuts.

But then, my young daughter introduced me to a different world, that of animal abuse. It stuns me still to think of how easily I accepted the way of the world, with all of the variations of animal abuse. I attended one circus in my lifetime and, although I didn’t like the way the animals were treated, I just went along with it. I never considered zoos to be prisons and I certainly didn’t give any thought as to how the meat I was eating came to be on my plate. I always said that if I had to hunt my own meat I would be a vegetarian. Grocery stores definitely remove us from that aspect. But, honestly, although I’m not a proponent of hunting, it is much more humane than the way animals are raised for human consumption. At least those animals get to live a natural life prior to death, (with the exception of “canned hunting”).

Back to the Stampede. Almost every year animals die in the rodeo, ¬†and usually they are horses in the chuckwagon races. So now, instead of attending the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”, I attend the peaceful demonstration outside the grounds. I realize most folks are just like I was, not giving much thought to the animals, but that is why I demonstrate. If just one more person becomes aware of the barbarity of the rodeo, then it will not have been in vain. Today, the fourth day of the 2017 rodeo, this was a headline:

Horse euthanized after injuring leg at Stampede chuckwagon races

(Click on the link above to read the story)

So, perhaps we can keep on enlightening those around us and make this world a better place for all.

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