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September 5, 2017

I LOVE starting a new business! The fun of designing your logo, business cards, vehicle signs, social media, website (it’s getting better!!) and promoting yourself, I could do that all day! In fact, I am!! Just got my business cards today, along with my very own mug! It somehow gives what I am attempting to do some kind of validity. The transition from having a home and a regular job to living in a motorhome and just driving around does take a bit of getting used to, and I have days when I just can’t seem to get it together, but the reality of my new life is finally sinking in! It really is pretty awesome! I could get used to this! As long as I can manage to see some of my family every so often, what more could I ask for? Visiting the Gulf Islands encouraged me even more. So many folks out there are doing what they are passionate about and doing just fine.

I used to think that we, as the human race, couldn’t go back in time, even though going forward is pretty much self destruction, the way we abuse this bounteous earth and all that is in it. But we can go back in a lot of ways, in the way we produce food and consume our resources. We can turn our backs on big agrobusiness and big pharma. After all, what is better for our own bodies than homegrown food? Who needs chemical cuisine?! And we can go forward with new technologies evolving that don’t damage this precious planet and her creatures. We don’t need to use non-renewable resources when we have the sun shining down on us! Granted, we may have to give up a few creature comforts, but isn’t the future of our children and grand-children worth it? We, in the developed world, are pretty pathetic, when you look around at what we have created. And, now, we have the under-developed world wanting to follow suit! I watched a documentary a while back called “God Grew Tired of Us”. It really made me consider what we are doing when we bring refugees to our country. Yes, they don’t have to flee for their lives from bombs and gunfire, but are our lives that much better? Discrimination is still all around us. Those poor men felt so isolated and confused. What are we offering them? Please don’t misunderstand me, I am all for sharing our abundance with refugees and immigrants, after all, I am an immigrant myself. But the way we live our lives for the most part isn’t anything to be envious of. Sometimes I envision us as little ants, scurrying back and forth, but at least ants are accomplishing something. How many of us can say that we are truly at peace? I believe that only comes from being true to oneself. Most of us are just “bricks in the wall”……..

Wow! I sure can get off topic!!


  1. Good to read your thoughts, Tina.
    I wrote a little poem the other night:-

    My Mountains

    These rocks oversee our microbial lives
    As they have since before there were life forms.
    Without doubt they will see our extinction quite soon.

    Ever the optimist!
    Love, Robert

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