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Beyond Paris

October 2, 2017

Been planning my upcoming trip to the U.K. tonight. Just booked an Airbnb in Central London for $50 CAD a night. Can’t beat that! I will be staying there for a few days, recovering from the crazy schedule we will be on in Paris during my photography workshop. Then I made reservations at  the Best Western Bestwood Lodge, a gorgeous former Victorian Hunting Lodge just outside Nottingham, where I will be spending a few days visiting my sister and brother-in-law. While the lodge isn’t cheap, it has history. There’s gotta be a story in there somewhere. And maybe I can squeeze an upgrade or a couple of free meals out of the management if I tell them I will be writing a story on the property.







I will then be travelling to the homeland, bonnie Scotland, to spend some time with my brother in and around Edinburgh. How I love Scotland! I have very fond memories of walks in the woods, in the hills and on country roads. No matter how long I have lived outside of Scotland, it still courses through my veins. I am a part of it and it is a part of me.

Hard to believe I will be in Paris at the end of the week! I have never visited Paris and am excited and curious. We will be staying in several apartments close together. We will be photographing street performers, painters, cafes, cobblestones, vistas, and medieval buildings, capturing the essence of Paris. Strolling along the Seine and through a working vineyard, wandering about the markets, trying not to eat too much, we will have more opportunity to savour all that is this city. Night photography will be around the Musee du Louvre. And, of course, we will visit La Dame de Fer, commonly known as La Tour Eiffel.

I haven’t decided whether I will spend my last three day in Paris, or try to take in a little of the south of France. Hmmmm…….


Author’s note: Photos aren’t mine. These will be replaced after I have completed my trip. ?

  1. Great to hear all your plans, Tina. I think travel not only broadens the mind but nourishes the soul. It has been my priority since my last relationship ended in 1995. I learned that travelling alone can open you up to meeting local people who teach you about their culture better than any guidebook. I have met so many lovely people and I still have so many more to meet. – next year Gran Canaria, Munich, Berlin, Costa Rica?
    Have a wonderful time in Paris, London and Nottingham. Edinburgh is looking forward to welcoming you.
    Love, Robert

    1. I agree, there isn’t a better way to get an education! Despite what the news tells us, there are many wonderful people in this world. I have only just begun! Sounds like you have a packed schedule in the coming year. Wonderful!

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