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A detour from my detour…….

April 4, 2018

My travels around San Felipe were fraught with troubles. On my way out of town, I decided to pick up a few groceries. Instead of parkades, there is an abundance of parking lots with shade structures, none of which my RV will fit under. So I parked on the periphery. Upon returning to my RV, I promptly forgot (something I am doing with ever more frequency!!) about the overhead obstructions and managed to drive into one. That should not have happened! I’m still angry with myself. That will cost me a substantial amount to have repaired.


Twice I tried to locate various beaches and was unsuccessful both times. I had been on the road between San Felipe and Valle de Los Gigantes when I decided I wanted to drive farther south. Little did I know that the soft shoulders on the highway were comprised of very loose sand. So, in my attempt to turn around, yes, I did, I got stuck. So there I was with my plastic bowl, trying to dig myself out, when a truck full of Mexican men pulled up, jumped out, assessed the situation and had me out in a matter of minutes. Once again I was humbled by the graciousness of these fine people.

My saviours!

Valle de Los Gigantes was spectacular, with the ancient cardón cacti as far as the eye could see. Unfortunately, you need an off-road vehicle to access the road into the forest, but you can still get up close and personal with these prickly giants.

Cardón cactus

Get used to washboard roads as you drive around Baja California. I would definitely have spent more time trying to locate the beach in Puertecitos had it not been for the roads and the sandy shoulders. So I never did get to do the “stingray shuffle”! Nor did I get to Shell Beach. That road ended abruptly at a property with a chain across the road.

On the highway south of San Felipe, B.C. Mexico!!

So I spent my last gloriously sunny day at an obscure beach I could safely drive to, watching the fish jump, but never being quick enough to capture them with my camera, though I did try. Every time I gave up and began packing things away, there jumped another one! I’m convinced I need a drone. There was a reason those fish were jumping. Maybe they were just happy, but I suspect there was something lurking below the surface that I couldn’t see.

On the beach
Osprey and nest, San Felipe

Househunting wasn’t very successful, but I’m not too concerned at this point. I still don’t have any definite direction, so I can wait. I would like to explore farther south, both in Mexico and in Central America.

The drive to the U. S. border was uneventful and, once there, I even got to keep all of my fruits and vegetables. I managed to give away all of my pesos to the handicapped people weaving through the lines of traffic waiting to cross. I didn’t have to wonder whether the money was going to be spent on questionables because I could see very clearly that these people needed help. I only wish I had had more.

If there is anything to take away from my Mexican experience, it would be: don’t let fearmongering prevent you from travelling in this beautiful country. Had I been able to speak Spanish I would have avoided driving around in search of places I couldn’t find. Learn some Spanish. The people are so hospitable and kind. I will be back, and a bit more prepared, as in a smaller, more eco-friendly vehicle.

A friend along the way

I spent the night at a rest stop just north of the border before making my way to Ranchos Los Coches RV Park in Lakeside for a shower, laundry facilities, time by the pool and respite for Nerah. She has been remarkably tolerant with the constraints I have had to impose on her as we travel. Sometimes she has been cooped up for a couple of days before I could let her out. I love that RV park and so does Nerah. The manager hosted an Easter brunch for all of the guests while I was there.


I spent another night at a rest stop once I was heading out of San Diego and decided to let Nerah out for a bit. I then had to wait up until 4:00 am for her to come back. Serves me right! She is extremely savvy in locating where she is living at any particular moment and never fails to return, but that wasn’t a smart move on my part. (Yeah, I’m the mom who exclaimed: “Look how well she can jump!” a few seconds before my 18-month-old toddler, Hannah, hit the headboard of the bed she was jumping on, knocking one tooth out and another up into her gum! It then took two of us, the dental assistant and me, to hold her down while the dentist held her in a headlock and pulled it out. Great mom I was/am!)

San Diego Botanical Garden

If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, I would choose San Diego. Of course, I’m sure there are many interesting places I have yet to visit that would appeal to me as much or more. The draw for me here is the weather, usually sunny and mild all year round, the proximity to the ocean, the ever-intriguing tide pools, birdlife, and vegetation. The only drawback is that it is expensive for someone with very limited financial resources. But, who knows what the future holds……

Sand art created by the different shades of sand and the tides at Dike Rock Tide Pools, near Scripps Pier.




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